Communication Skills in Optometry (free material)

A few years ago the College of Optometrists has published Communication Skills material for optometry that is based on our joint ESRC funded Knowledge Transfer Project (2013-14).

The material can be accessed on this website.



Eye Strain from Computers?

​Are you 16-40 and have eyestrain or headache from computers?Our research may improve comfort, accuracy & productivity 

• In our study, you will be given a free detailed eye examination to find causes of eyestrain

• We will provide a report describing solutions

• We will tell you whether you are eligible for a clinical trial later in the year of new glasses for computer eyestrain. If suitable, you would receive these free of charge.

 For more information, please contact:

 Dr Robert Yammouni & Professor Bruce Evans or 0207 407 4183 ext 662 (Mon-Thu)

 Please pass this message to other computer users