Free CET courses now available in February and March 2014!

Thanks to a project extension we are now able to offer more free CET courses. We can come to your practice in February or March this year to deliver a two hour session on ‘Communication in the consultation’. The course is highly interactive and suited to small groups. We use video footage from real consultations to highlight practical issues concerning communication and communication skills in optometric consultations.

This session delivers 1 CET point and covers:
– the importance of communication in the consultation
– challenges to effective communication in the consultation
– the role of body movement and eye contact
– soliciting information from the patient
– delivering information to the patient
– giving bad news
– approaches to maximise communication skills
When we come to your practice, we bring all necessary equipment – computer, projector and screen. All you need to provide is a room for us to meet in!
If you are unable to hold a session in your practice, we also run courses in central London.
If you are interested in attending a course or would like to know more, please contact