Helena Webb quoted in Optometry Today ‘Patients trust eye contact’

Optometry Today! currently runs an article that reports on a video-based study of GPs that highlights the importance of eye contact during consultations. Helena was contacted by OT to comment on the research findings. The article together with Helena’s comments can be found here:






Optometry CET Communication Skills Workshop: Nov 11th, 4pm – 7pm at King’s College London

Single session seminar:

Communication in the consultation: Understanding different approaches to communication and how they may be applied to activities and challenging scenarios across the optometric consultation.

A successful optometric consultation requires successful communication. The interactions that occur between optometrist and patient are crucial to clinical outcomes as well as patient adherence and satisfaction. Therefore it is highly beneficial to practitioners to maximise their communication skills.

This seminar provides an innovative opportunity for practitioners to deepen their understanding of communication in the consultation, reflect on their own communicative practices and consider a variety of ways to maximise their skills. The content of the seminar draws on video-footage and research findings and promotes peer discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to watch and discuss video footage of recorded encounters as well as to learn about research findings on communication in optometric consultations and discuss their practical implications. During the seminar participants will:

–          Discuss key challenges to successful communication in the consultation, including scenarios they personally find ‘difficult’;

– Learn about and reflect on different patterns of communication and the consequences they can have for the accomplishment of consultation tasks;

– Learn about and reflect on different communicative practices in relation to ‘difficult’ scenarios.

– Discuss methods to maximise their communication skills.

The content of the seminar will focus on 1) obtaining information from the patient and 2) delivering information to the patient. It therefore directly relates to CET core competencies. Participants will be invited to contact the seminar facilitators before the session to let them know their specific areas of interest and this will help determine the particular content of the session. The seminar will be led by researchers from King’s College London, who have conducted a 2 year video-based study of communication in optometric consultations. These seminars form part of a broader collaboration between King’s College London and the College of Optometrists to deliver a communication skills development package for eye care practitioners.

If you are interested in attending the session, please contact helena.webb@kcl.ac.uk.